Our classic railing inserts bring back the traditional look that goes with any home for a timeless feel. Because of this very popular and common design, the Landmark offers the Homeowner and Contractor a great deal of flexibility to adjust the Standard Sizing by cutting the sub-rails at any given point where there is not a baluster.


No Knots
Balusters will not twist
Stronger / Harder *
Better Rot Resistance *
Better Insect Resistance *
Removable for Maintenance
Easy to install
Keep your existing Posts & Rails** *
Made in USA
1 Year Warranty
Available Height30 ½”
Available Widths1′, 2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′

The actual railing insert is made to fit within the dimension widths noted above.

NOTE: All angles are at 90deg, which assumes both top and bottom rails are level and parallel to one another and that your posts are perfectly plumb.

Any bowing of your frame material, your posts not being plumb or your top rail not being level is the responsibility of the craftsman who built in.

All railings are designed and laid out to maximize the total end space between the last baluster on each end and their nearest post.

Available Height30.5″
Available Widths6” – 72”

All custom sized balusters are carefully centered between your lengths provided to maximize the greatest end spacing between the last baluster and post on each end.

NOTE: Assume the Top rail is level, hence our sub-rail top will begin as level. The angles of the posts and your deck floor may change due to posts not being level/plumb. Any bowing of your frame material, your posts not being plumb or your top rail not being level is the responsibility of the craftsman who built it.

Wood Species Alaskan Yellow Cedar
Clarity Clear, tight knot available
Baluster Dimensions 1 3/8” W x 1 3/8” D
Spacing Between Balusters 3 ½”
Sub Rail Width 2 ½”
Sub Rail Thickness ¾”
Stainable Yes
Paintable Yes
Fail Not Infill Structural Rail Hardware System- Patent pending Option Available on Custom Size and Clear Only
Removable for maintenance Yes
  1. Standard Sizing may require cutting sub rail ends. See ”Cutting Sub Rail Ends” directions
  2. Due to the horizontal cross design, cutting the standard sizing railing inserts down beyond the first baluster at each end is not recommended as it will not turn out in a desirable look. Your distance between posts is important when purchasing the Standard Sizing Rail Inserts.
  3. Custom fit products may require adjustments by sanding either the frame or the product ends due to inaccurate frame measurements, lumber bowing or twisting on the existing frame or the existing frame not being level or plumb as needed. These are and have always been standard and routine concerns of installers whether being built in the field or using other types of products. We at Fence Quarter double check all our work and compare to the dimensions provided to us for accuracy. Our goal is to make the installation a breeze.
  4. Any Horizontal detail between the post and the last baluster is designed not to be there.
  1. It is the Installers responsibility to understand the local Building Codes
  2. Fence Quarter will not be responsible for the following connections: Post to Deck – Critical Connection I: The Craftsman, Contractor, Homeowner, Builder or combination thereof shall ensure that the posts to the deck railing system are properly attached to the deck floor frame with appropriate and common engineered methods Upper and Lower Rails to Post – Critical Connection II: It is the responsibility of the Craftsman, Contractor, Homeowner, Builder or combination thereof to secure the rail to the posts, on either side of the upper and lower main rail connection to the posts in a way that is properly engineered or strong enough to withstand forces that may apply brunt forces against the connection. Check with your local building code for proper strength and blowout requirements.
  3. Fence Quarter’s Deck Railing Inserts like the Torrey Pine is built exceptionally well, the third Critical Connection. Our job is to ensure the railing infill, aka insert withstands blunt forces that meet building codes and that the Insert has a strong connection to the upper and lower rails.
  4. If the FAIL NOT Hardware System is used, you accept all risk when the Insert is not in position and securely fastened per Manufacturers Instructions.

* in comparison to Western Red Cedar ** most of the time your frame posts are in good shape and often do not need replacement, your rails not so much, but time to time the rails are in good shape as well.

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Fence Quarter has partnered with Sherwin Williams because Sherwin Williams formulas have been designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. For twenty years, the founder of Fence Quarter personally applied Sherman Williams products and can attest to the durability their product line.

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