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About Our Products

FAIL NOTTM Hardware System

Fence Quarter’s FAIL NOTTM Hardware System is an add-on to our higher end Deck Railing Inserts and is only available with Clear lumber on the deck portion of your deck, and is not needed on the Stair portion of your deck. It is also only available on Custom length sizes. When you select your Custom size clear deck railing insert, simply check the box that says FAIL NOTTM Hardware System. Not all deck sections may need the FAIL NOTTM Hardware, so you can pick which section you require greater strength.

FAIL NOT Hardware System - A Carbon Fiber Hardware

FenceQuarter.com introduces the first Carbon Fiber in the Decking World. Called the FAIL NOT Hardware System, this Carbon Fiber helps increase the deck railings integrity 10+ fold to local building codes.

Made out of durable Recycled Carbon Fiber, the FAIL NOTTM  offers these advantages: 

  • Hidden
  • Allows for repeated removal and install for maintenance without the integrity loss of tight fitting screws into just wood
  • Piece of mind that your Deck or Porch Railing will withstand someone accidentally falling into your Railing without getting seriously hurt
  • Intended for deck heights that are dangerous and where safety is a number one priority
  • Will not melt or crack in extreme temperatures
  • The Patent Pending Hardware was designed with a high degree of Sheer Resistance to exceed building code regulations


Fence Quarter’s MEASURE NOTTM  SYSTEM assists you in making a quicker wood Deck Railing Frame build and gives you increased accuracy, or an exact distance between your upper and lower main rails before you install your infill.

It helps you get the most accurate measurements without a tape measure.

  • There is a MEASURE NOT for both your decks and stairs
  • Deck = 30.5” and Stairs = 7/11/32.5 (7” Riser, 11” Tread, 32.5 Degrees)
  • Our Deck Railing Inserts will fit perfectly into the opening
  • Available for purchase in our online store

A product to help deck builders build a faster deck railing.

Deck Railing Inserts

Fence Quarter Deck Railing Inserts:

  • Are easier and safer to maintain than any other product on the market
  • Are made with premium lumber that will last longer than any other wood on the market today
  • Are highly engineered — there is not a single wood product on the market that can compare
  • Can be used with your existing or new posts.
  • Have mortise and tenon construction, glued infill connections and securely attached with excellent hardware
  • Code Compliant
  • Order online now
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