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? The Size Type identifies either a Standard or Custom Railing Insert. A Standard Railing Insert is a pre-made Railing Insert. The options of sizes are usually limited due to the nature of the design style and it is delivered with longer ends so you can cut the ends to fit, see “Video - Cutting & Installing Standard Sized Railing Inserts to Fit”. A Custom Insert is where you provide us with your measurements, we then make it to those measurements and once you receive the Inserts, you install with no to very little effort. In a Custom Insert, you have more flexibility with the sizing.
? Wood Type identifies the Lumber Species we have available for each product. Currently we only carry Alaskan Yellow Cedar ~ AYC due to its premium longevity and durability over most other softwood species. If you would like, we can send you a lumber sample for the cost of mailing, see the Store to order.
? Fence Quarter offers Natural, Primed or Painted. If you choose Paint, it automatically includes the Primer. Natural is unfinished to allow for just a natural look or to paint. If you decide staining is your desired look, it can be difficult with Alaskan Yellow Cedar and may require the advice or assistance of a Professional Painter. Priming is a Premium Process which includes Sherwin William’s premium Oil Based primer with a slow drying penetrating coating process – you cannot get a better Priming job than this. The Oil Base is required to keep the natural tannins in and not bleed through. Painting will include (2) top coats of sprayed Sherwin Williams premium latex paint product.
? Fence Quarter will only offer the color White at this time. We use a premium Sherwin Williams latex exterior paint and the color matches Home Depot’s “Ultra Pure ® White PPU18-06”. This is done for your convenience, so you can pre-paint your Deck Railing frame with either a Sherwin Williams or equivalent color Home Depot paint
Descriptive Railing Name
? Please refer to the document “Blank Measurement Instructions”. Each section between your posts is called a “Section”. You are to make a rough layout of your deck and make up your own naming system to identify each section, both on your deck and on any stairs. This is important to us as we will use this to place a Location Label on each section. When you receive your Railing Inserts, you will then refer to your map and can quickly identify where each Insert is to go.
Length (Inch)
Deck Length 0Feet Price 0
Stair Length 0Feet Price 0

The Bellevue
This Beautiful railing insert design offers a hint of Asian beauty but while it has a strong, durable, and prestigious feel, it will accessorize your home all year long.

Standard sizes: The lengths come in 23”, 42”, 62”, 72” sections at a height of 30.5″

Custom Sizes: 6″ – 6′  Custom sizes where you input your length measurements up to 6’ in length, we will then cut to your required size for quicker installations.

  • Pre-assembled for easy installation
  • Inserts can be used with existing posts and rails
  • Strong and Durable:  All Railing Inserts are tested by a third party testing firm, meet and exceed (UBC) Uniform Building Code and (IRC) International Building Code.  In fact, our FAIL NOT Hardware System exceeds the code over 11 times
  • Pest and weather resistant
  • Removable for easy cleaning, painting and maintenance
  • Can be ordered pre-primed with two coats of oil-based primer and Primed and Painted with two coats of top shelf Sherwin Williams latex paint.  Color only available in Semi-Gloss (white)
  • Optional Patented FAIL NOT Carbon Hardware System
  • Manufactured in the USA
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