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Tool Box Rental

Tool Box Rental


Welcome to the Fence Quarter Rental Division where we rent the tool kit you need for the measuring and installation of our Deck Railing Inserts with the FAIL NOT(TM) Hardware System.  You are given 20 calendar days from date of rental to placing the Tool Kit back in the mail to Fence Quarter.

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The Fence Quarter Tool Box contains everything you need to install your Fence Quarter Deck Railing Inserts with the FAIL NOTTM hardware.

The Tool Box is made of a sturdy, heavy duty composite material and is reinforced with modeled foam to keep your tools safe and secure.

This tool kit is designed for a Main Rail size of a 2×4 or 2×6 main rail and is specific for our Optional Carbon Fiber FAIL NOT Hardware System only. The adjustable centering jigs speed up the installation of the FAIL NOT Hardware while perfectly centering the Insert System between the posts. There is no need to pull your tape measure out with this system. The custom made drill bore set gives the perfect depth drill hole for mounting our Stainless Steel Flanged screws into place.

The tool box includes:

Hand Clamps
Position Tool
Stubby Ratchet
Counter Bore Driver
Counter Bore Drill Set
Counter Bore Drill Bit
Lockdown Screwdriver
Lockdown Screw Bit Driver
Lockdown Screw Mount Driver

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