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For Immediate Release: December 2019 

Fence Quarter LLC, might be the new kid on the block, but the company is quickly making a name for itself with a debut product line of both wood deck and porch railing inserts. Founded and based in Lynnwood, Washington, Fence Quarter has begun to accept orders for the debut product line. In fact, the patent pending product line is one that the decking and fencing industry has never seen before. 

The inspiration for the inserts stems from the founding team’s decades of field experience. The time-consuming process of both building, installing, and maintaining decks and porches has left both homeowners and companies frustrated. The era of DIY homeowners has also created the foundation needed for innovation and change within the decking and fencing industry. Fortunately, the Fence Quarter debut line seeks to mitigate the time-consuming, frustrating, and costly ventures associated with traditional decking and fencing solutions. 

Each of the company’s deck railing inserts are pre-assembled, with a choice of standard sizing or Fence Quarter will build to your exact length measurements.  They can be installed into any existing wood posts and rails that are at a residential or commercial building. To further expedite the installation process, all of the basic tools needed are included in the rail insert kit. Additional tools that are useful during the installation process can either be purchased or rented.

The inserts are made from sustainably harvested trees within the United States to further promote environmental best practices. The Fence Quarter inserts are made from marine-grade Alaskan Yellow Cedar. The selected wood is knot-free and known for its high quality standards, prolonged durability characteristics, and low maintenance needs. Alaskan Yellow Cedar is also weather, rot, and pest resistant. 

As of December 2019, Fence Quarter offers purchases of three unique insert designs. The Landmark design features a classic vertical railing style. The Torrey Pine design highlights clean-lines and two rows of grid squares. The Bellevue features an elegant geometric design. All three designs can be ordered to showcase the natural wood, pre-primed, or pre-painted white. Finally, the pre-manufactured wood deck railing insert can be used with existing posts and rails, which passes the time and materials savings directly onto the buyer.

The removable inserts, also known as infills, are an industry first. As their name suggests, they can easily be removed for maintenance.  They are secured down by using screws.  All Fence Quarter products are third-party tested and meet established building code requirements. The products are also equipped with a 100% Manufacturer’s Warranty and a Usage Warranty. The Manufacturer’s Warranty is for any defective products that have been harmed during transit. The Usage Warranty is good for five years and offers additional quality assurances for the structural integrity, form, and function of the products. 

The debut line of products can now be purchased from Fence Quarter. To learn more, contact Fence Quarter by calling Toll Free 800-205-0128, emailing sales@fencequarter.com, or visiting www.FenceQuarter.com.

About Fence Quarter
Fence Quarter, based in Lynnwood, Washington, proudly designs and manufactures deck and porch railing inserts. The inserts are made from high quality and sustainable lumber. The tools are included to reduce installation times, eliminate common frustrations, and lower costs. Seasoned decking pros and DIY homeowners will love the craftsmanship, ease of use, and aesthetic of the Fence Quarter deck railing infill insert. The system is an industry first that passes the savings, ease of installation, and reduced maintenance benefits directly onto the homeowner or business owner. To learn more about the solid-wood railing inserts, contact a member of the Fence Quarter team by emailing sales@fencequarter.com, or visiting www.FenceQuarter.com.

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