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Celebrate your tools on March 11th

Are you or a friend a lover of tools? Do you have all sorts of tools that help you if and when the need should arise? Well there’s a holiday just for you. March 11th is National Worship of Tools Day. The little known holiday of unknown origins is a perfect day to give a little love to your existing tools or perhaps find a new tool to love. 

Celebrate by cleaning your tools

Hand tools, especially heavily used ones, get greasy and dirty. While there are some fancy cleaners out there especially designed to clean them, you most likely have something more readily available—Dawn, dishwashing soap. Simply fill up a gallon bucket with hot water and add a teaspoon of Dawn. Using a sponge or dishrag, scrub your tools, then rinse them under running water. Do not soak your tools because it may damage them.

Got rust?

Some experts say you can clean rust from tools, by spraying the rusty surface area with WD-40, scrub with a scouring pad and wipe it clean. For heavily rusted metal, you can use an acid-based rust remover or use white vinegar or Coca-Cola. Simply, soak the tool for 24 hours. They should be rust free at this point. Just rinse the tools and dry. If they’re not rust free, repeat the same steps.

Pro-tip: Make sure you clean grease off the tools (see directions above) before immediately soaking it is vinegar or soda.

It’s electric

Electric tools, such as drills and sanders require a different type of care. You should always store them in their original case to keep them clean as well as dust free but with regular use they can become dusty.

To clean your power tools, use a shop vacuum to suck up the dust and debris. You should also use compressed air to clean out the vents, moving parts etc. For molded plastic, use a damp rag.

Got tools?

Perhaps your tools are already clean, but you need a different type of tool for your deck project. You should check out our selection of tools designed specifically to work with our deck railing inserts using our carbon fiber system. 

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