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2020 Decking and Porch Trends

By Leslie Coffey

2020 is shaping up to be an exciting year for outdoor fixtures and furnishings. This year’s trends in outdoor decor focuses heavily on beautified, functional features that make your outdoor space more useful and attractive at the same time. Whether you’re building a new deck or remodeling an old one, here’s what to install on your deck or porch. 

Deck Lighting

Years ago, decks were only built to last for about a decade. Installing lighting on such a short-lived structure was not practical. As a result, light fixtures were attached to the house and decks were lit from above, not within.

Today’s decks are built to last 25 years or more. They’re a durable investment, and many of them are hardwired to the house to make lighting possible. Professionally constructed decks come with a variety of lighting options that make outdoor spaces a better place for entertaining. 

Companies like TimberTech, based in Illinois, now produce top-of-the-line deck light fixtures for consumers. Lighting options vary from riser lights to under-rail fixtures, allowing homeowners to create the mood and ambiance that fits their home. Soft ambient lights often require no permits and use minimal electricity, enabling homeowners to enjoy their deck long into the evening. 

Bringing the Indoors Out

Love of the outdoors has prompted homeowners to spend increasing amounts on the deck and patio. They spend so much time in their backyard that many new decks are built with an outdoor kitchen or living space attached. Living rooms outfitted with power for a television and gaming system create a space where everyone in the family can spend time. Kitchens with electricity, gas and water for cooking and cleaning are the perfect place for relaxing with family or friends. 

There are many contractors leading the charge in the construction of indoor/outdoor spaces. Color Works Studio, in West Bloomfield, Michigan has taken the lead with a recent project featuring a specially designed outdoor media area with a climate controlled space to protect the electronics. Outdoor construction must be weather proof to protect expensive pieces of equipment.  

Ceiling Fans

With indoor rooms making their way to outdoor decks, these spaces are increasingly covered and include ceiling fans for better air flow. Many consumers have happily latched onto this trend as they realize that ceiling fans offer more than comfort: they offer style as well. Companies like MinkaAire design ceiling fans that set the mood with flourish and finesse. Look at the Gauguin and Rainman models to see examples of the models that homeowners are happily installing on their outdoor decks and porches.  

Natural Wood Railings

The most visible portion of a deck is the railing, as the eyes want to look straight out, not down. While composite decking has become the go-to product for homeowners constructing their new deck in the last decade, many are going back to basics with natural wood railings.

Although composite decking is durable and long-lasting, wood decking is far more beautiful. Companies like Fence Quarter, based in Washington, are leading the charge on natural wood railings. “The only product that can truly imitate wood, is wood,” explains Christopher Price, President of Fence Quarter. 

Although wood does require more maintenance than composite material, Price is quick to point out that composite decking has its pros and cons. “It still requires maintenance, and it lacks the warmth and elegance of real wood.” Fence Quarter creates prefabricated deck and porch railing inserts, a trend that is taking off in the Pacific Northwest. 

Make Your Deck Standout

Decks and porches have come a long way in the last several years. With more options than ever before, homeowners are finding new ways to make their deck or porch a place of beauty. Before remodeling your deck, work with your contractor to explore the latest trends and add value to your home. 


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