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5 Ways to Boost Curb Appeal with a Beautiful Deck

Nothing attracts home buyers and boosts curb appeal like beautiful outdoor living spaces. Are you putting your home up for sale? Bring buyers running by dressing up your outdoor spaces with a magnificent, newly redone front porch or deck. These five tips will help you stage your home, which can boost your property value and lead to bigger offers from potential buyers. 

      1. Light it Up
        Sophisticated light fixtures do more than light up your deck at night: they also add to the look of permanence and quality to your deck even in daylight. As decks have grown longer-lasting and more durable, deck lighting options have taken on a sophistication and beauty. Choose your deck lighting carefully to enhance the appearance and functionality of your deck. Attractive lighting options include:

        – Accent lights
        – Post cap light
        – In-deck Lighting

    1. Set a Scene
      Staging is about setting a scene and inviting buyers to use their imagination. Open your deck umbrella and set out lemonade on a table with paper cups for showings. Lay a paperback book beside the lemonade, and set up a chair to look out into the most attractive part of your yard. The subtle but obvious message to buyers: picture yourself enjoying this deck every day. This could be yours.

    2. Replace Upholstery
      Outdoor furniture upholstery has a way of changing over time. Even over the course of a single summer, cushions can change from bold and vibrant to pale and faded. Replace faded upholstery to make your furniture pop. Avoid colors that easily lighten in the sun, like bright reds and oranges. Clear blues and deep greens fare well even throughout a sunny summer. When choosing cushions, tie colors back to hues found in the environment. Match the cushions to your home siding, flowers in the landscaping and other objects nearby to create a unified deck.

    3. Install All-Wood Railing
      Many modern decks are made from an engineered wood product we call composite decking. While this material is functional, composite decking pales in comparison to the beauty of natural wood. Homeowners, aware of these shortcomings, have taken to installing natural wood railing around their composite decks. This look is trending all over the country, especially in high-end homes where homeowners may be seeking an advantage over their neighbors when the time comes to sell. Replace your old railing with natural wood inserts. The warmth and simple elegance of real wood holds the eye and gives buyers something to look at and admire.

    4. Enhance Your Deck Railing
      Fence Quarter creates prefabricated deck and porch railing inserts. To install natural wood railings on your composite deck, contact Fence Quarter to place an order.  

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